VDR Textbrowser-Plugin

Current version: 0.1

This is a simple lynx-based OSD textbrowser plugin.
To use the bookmark-function you have to create the file browser.conf in the plugins-subfolder of your video-directory.
Write every bookmark in an own line, e.g.: http://www.heise.de http://www.slashdot.org http://www.spiegel.de

Old version: 0.0.1

Easy Input Patch

Current Version: vdr-1.2.0-easyinput.diff.bz2

This patch implements an easyer method for writing text in  
text input fields. It works like text input in mobile phones.  
It uses the keys 0-9, every key has several characters assigned.  
1: -.#~,/_@1  
2: abc2  
3: def3  
4: ghi4  
5: jkl5  
6: mno6  
7: pqrs7  
8: tuv8  
9: wxyz9  
0: space, 0  
For example, if you want the character o, you have to press the key 6  
three times.  
You can use it simultaneously with the normal text input method (up/down).